ALBA-TCP discourages OAS intervention in upcoming elections in the Commonwealth of Dominica

The member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Treaty of Commerce of the Peoples (ALBA-TCP), express their regrets for focuses of violence that have activated in the Commonwealth of Dominica, as well as their concern because these events are taking place a few days prior to the elections scheduled under the legal framework of that sister nation.

The ALBA-TCP countries, express their confidence in the institutions of the Commonwealth of Dominica and its authorities to resolve, in accordance with the legal system and without foreign interference, any political difference.

In that sense, the member countries of ALBA-TCP, express their uneasiness in face of the statements by the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, who pretends to impose an Electoral Mission of the aforementioned Organization in Dominica, which constitutes not only an intolerable act of interference in Dominica’s internal affairs, but also an unacceptable overreach in the exercise of his functions.

Already on February 2019, the Secretary of that Organization had suggested that in Dominica no free or fair elections would be held in 2020; in this regard, ALBA-TCP considers it necessary to reiterate its support for the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Communiqué of February 19, 2019, through which the member countries expressed their concern over the statements of the Secretary General of the OAS against the Government of Dominica “because is outside the limits of his mandate as head of an international organization”, and at the same time requested Mr. Luis Almagro, “to refrain from actions and statements that are outside the scope of his competence”.

The controversial performance of the most recent OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Bolivia, plagued by actions of doubtful political impartiality, which severely question its technical authority and openly discourages its intervention.

In contrast, the strength of the Caribbean integration institutions, particularly Caricom, constitutes a legitimate political space to timely tend any situation that affects any of its member countries.

In that sense, the ALBA-TCP member countries warn and denounce before the international community, and in particular the Caribbean community, the application of the same format of violence and death used in Bolivia, against the Commonwealth of Dominica whose purposes and objectives seem to be aimed at forcing an unconstitutional change of the government of Prime Minister Roosvelt Skerry.

Caracas, November 21, 2019